Task area lighting

Task area lighting caters for individual task areas and their immediate surroundings. According to DIN EN 12464-1 "Lighting of indoor work places", it is an alternative to room-related lighting.

Task area lighting is particularly recommended where workplaces in a room have different visual and lighting requirements. For stationary task area lighting to be an option, the exact position of workplaces and task areas in the room needs to be known prior to installation.

Thermoplastic properties

Property of a plastic to be repeatedly softened by heating and hardened by cooling through a temperature range characteristic of the plastic and, in the softened state to be capable of being shaped repeatedly through flow into extruded, moulded or shaped articles or objects.

Thermoplastic elastomers

These have specific areas in the macromolecules with physical wide-mesh cross-linking points (strong secondary valency forces or cristallites), which lead to the elastic behaviour but can be neutralised by heat.