Our quality policy

Our quality policy, being an element of our corporate policy, illustrates our company’s standards as regards quality (of products and services) in relation to customers, employees and other partners.

The implementation of our quality policy has a positive effect on the quality of our products, the effectiveness of our processes and, consequently, on the confidence and satisfaction of our customers. We therefore record the requisite results and support the target-orientated application of resources.

Principle 1 - Customer-orientation

We guarantee our customers and partners the quality products and services that they expect and are assured. We use our skills and experience to meet our customers’ requirements in a prompt and professional manner. We only make commitments to our customers provided we are convinced that we have understood their requirements and are able to fulfil them. Our customers can be certain that we meet the timing and full content of any commitments we make. We accept full responsibility for any problems we may generate and will at all times solve these promptly and directly.

Principle 2 – Ongoing improvement

We are continuously improving products, processes and our own training standards, in the interests of the long-term development of our company. Our quality management system is also subject to ongoing improvement.

Principle 3 – Quality consciousness

We maintain quality consciousness within our company through appropriate processes, information, training and instruction. We oblige all employees to remain conscious of quality and cost.

Principle 4 – Communication

We communicate our quality policy, and the objectives it sets, both internally within our organisation and to our customers and partners. What we learn from this communication is critical. The quality management system is subject to regular review in order to ensure that it remains adequate and fit for purpose.