ENEC :: The ENEC-Symbol is the European safety symbol for luminaires. The test regulations are determined by the European standard 60 598. The ENEC-Symbol is issued in combination with the identification number of a European test center (VDE = 10) This documents that the luminaires have been built and tested in "conformity with the standards" as per the Low-voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.
VDE :: Reiss standard luminaires are VDE-approved. They have the VDE-approval and are continuously tested in strictly stipulated quality controls. These controls are supervised by the VDE.
CE :: The CE-identification is performed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer, at the manufacturers own responsibility, hereby confirms conformity with the respective EC or EU directives. Conformity in accordance with the Low-voltage Directive and the EMV Directive (interference immunity, emitted interference) is the precondition for the CE-identification for our products.
D :: New EN-test mark 'D' replaces the national FF-symbol.
Protection class I :: Luminaires of protection class I: The luminaire is designed for connection to a rotective conductor.Protection class I is not identified by a symbol. The symbol indicating the protective earth is often used. Unless specified otherwise, all luminaires by REISS at least comply with protection class I.
IPX9K :: Protected against water from high-pressure and steam jet cleaning.
IP 68 :: Dust-tight (no ingression of dust) and protected from submerging (with manufactures indications)

Water pressure-tight luminaire with built-in pressure compensation unit. Highly impact resistant luminaire.