Stairwells and corridors are applications where the CorridorFUNCTION can show its full potential in perfect combination with multiple motion sensors – never again will there be abrupt darkness here.In underground car parks the CorridorFUNCTION provides enough light for safety and security and a pleasant atmosphere over the entire area.In pedestrian underpasses operating round the clock, the CorridorFUNCTION offers impressive energy efficiency and added security.

Optimal solution and energy efficiency

Normally, motion sensors are combined with switchable control gear. This type of presence control results in either 100% light or 100% darkness.With the CorridorFUNCTION there is now no "hard off". Instead, the lighting is dimmed to a lower level and then switched off if necessary after a defined delay.


The CorridorFUNCTION brings added security. Instead of being switched off abruptly if no movement is detected, the system is dimmed to a low light level and then switched off after a one minute delay. As soon as someone enters the room the light is switched back up to its full level. The delay time can be set on the motion sensor. The "fade-off" time and the "NEVER-OFF" function are ECG functions.Default values simplify the application, so 100% luminous flux is preset for presence and 10% for absence. The default fade time is 30 seconds and the delay before switching off the lighting system is 1 minute. These settings can be adjusted at any time to suit the particular circumstances. The corridorFUNCTION can be programmed to meet the needs of individual applications.